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"Thanks Norgen Health for following up my case so long after the surgery. Now I feel lighter, healthier and more powerful than before. "

Mr.Hendra Indonesia

*Disclaimer: The curative effect of all therapies varies from person to person, so not all the patients have the same therapeutic effect.

My Story 2016-11

Follow-up of a 133kg patient half a year after surgery

Because of obesity, Mr. Hendra came to the Asia-pacific Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Center of Jinshazhou Hospital through Norgen Health on March, 2016 and received sleeve gastrectomy.

Before the surgery he was diagnosed of obesity with the weight of 133.7 kg. Through medical assessment, doctors designed a bariatric surgery plan, sleeve gastrectomy for him.

In the first week after surgery, Mr. Hendra got his weight lost 3.5kg. Now it has been six months past, his weight decreases to 88kg, he feels lighter but more powerful and happier as his weight changes. 

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  • November 18 2016 | 18:31 pm


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