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Weight loss is not only about changing one’s appearance, above all it changes your frame of mind, regaining the feeling of youth.

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*Disclaimer: The curative effect of all therapies varies from person to person, so not all the patients have the same therapeutic effect.

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Youth and Beauty Are Not a Dream, all you need is weight loss

 I’m a teacher, and 50 years old this year. I’ve weathered through many days, slowly growing from a young girl into a worn old housewife. My skin was relatively dark yellow, and that coupled with my obesity made me feel very unfashionable and useless.

 My weight has now reached 75kg, I have been trying to lose weight in a variety of ways, including diet, diet pills, exercise, etc., but the effects were not significant, and it was easy to rebound.

       At a party with friends, I found that one of my friends had not only become thinner, but also more beautiful. I asked her how she did it. She was very happy to tell me that it was as a result of going to Beijing ASIS International Weight Reduction Hospital for a minimally invasive weight loss surgery.

After listening to her I was impressed. She told me about Professor Huang Zhikun, saying that he was a minimally invasive surgery experts and he was in charge of the operation. She told me that it had been one year since her surgery and she had no rebound weight gain. After hearing all of this I called the hospital to understand the details of the operation, and after all of my doubts were dispelled I decided to do the surgery.

After arriving in Beijing, the hospital arranged for me to have the pre-operative physical exam and evaluation. My gastric bypass surgery was then performed by Professor Huang Zhikun, and I was able to get out of bed and walk the very same day with no discomfort. Slowly my weight began to reduce. My weight went from an origin of 75kg and reduced to 48kg, with a total weight loss of 27kg.

It's now been a year since my operation and I have not experienced any rebound weight gain. I am grateful to Professor Huang Zhikun for helping me become successful in my weight loss efforts. These days I look nothing like a 50 year old person. Many people run up to me and ask if I’ve gotten married, when I hear this my heart fills with joy.

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