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Advantages of breast cancer treatment in China

Individualized treatment plan
To formulate a scientific treatment plan according to patient’s age, disease stage and type so as to prevent medicine abuse and excessive treatments.
Specific tumor gene detection
Gene detection before medication not only ensures proper medicine application without wasting, but also predicts the risks of cancer, so one can have early intervention accordingly.
Minimally invasive therapy
Minimally invasive therapy for breast cancer has the characteristics of higher surgical precision, small trauma and little pain. It will not cause any surgical scar on breast surface or lymphedema and movement disorder in upper limbs. Breast prosthesis implantation can also be done simultaneously, cutting down the likely necessity for a second operation.
Conserving the appearance of breast
Sophisticated breast conserving surgery has high breast conserving rates. With small trauma, it keeps the appearance of breast, improves the diseased upper limb function and reduces surgical complications.
Top medical expert team
The multidisciplinary team, consisting of experienced doctors from the tertiary and other top hospitals, formulates treatment plan for patients.
The treatment without waiting
Easy registration and hospitalization free of difficulty in appointment and availability of beds, offering patients prompt treatment.

Breast cancer treatment in China



1. Conventional radical treatment. It removes the thin flap, whole breast, skin, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, lymph nodes in muscles, all the fats and lymph tissues of the axilla. By complete removal of local cancerous tissues or the lymph nodes of metastasis in the axilla, it can locally treat the cancer.

2. Modified radical operation. This has two types. TypeⅠkeeps the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor when removing the breast, and type Ⅱ keeps pectoralis major but removes pectoralis minor This surgery conserves the pectoralis major muscle which keeps a normal appearance of the chest wall and functions normally after edema in upper limbs is relieved, which creates conditions for postoperative breast reconstruction. 

3. Breast conserving surgery. It is applicable to breast cancer patients in early stages. Of small trauma, it keeps the appearance of breast. The breast conserving surgery done laparoscopically can keep the nipple and mammary areola, and leaves free trauma on the surface of breast. 



It controls and eliminates cancer cells using radiation, which can destroy the growth and regeneration of cancerous cells



Postoperative chemotherapy controls cancer cell division or destroys cancer cells to improve survival rate. Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments of breast cancer.

Endocrine therapy

Endocrine therapy

It is applicable to hormone-dependent tumors. By medication removal of endocrine glands, it can regulate patient’s endocrine function and reduce the secretion of hormone to treat breast cancer.

Molecular target therapy

Molecular target therapy

It can treat diseases without affecting other normal cells, tissues and organs through introducing desired genes into patient’s body through carriers, and making them express in target tissue cells nonspecifically.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

TCM employs herbal medicine flexibly in different prescription as patient’s condition and symptoms changes. Based on disease stage, symptoms and other conditions, TCM changes prescription so as to comprehensively regulate patient’s body status, control tumor and related complications while increase immunity

Service procedure

China`s Leading Medical Travel Consultant !

Consultant available
  • Before treatment

    Send medical files to Norgen Health for translation and making appointment with specialists. Norgen staffs help apply for visa, flight ticket and hotel booking, and arrange for the itinerary in China.

  • In treatment

    Come to China by international flight and there will be airport pickup service to send take you to hospital or hotel based on exact condition.

    Accompanied by professor interpreter through preoperative tests and assessment. Norgen Health offers you interpreter service and daily supportive services like laundry, special diets, religion and so on.

    Patient’s family can enjoy local assisted tour services. Based on individual favor, interpreter will accompany you to visit local beautiful sceneries, go shopping and taste local special dishes.

  • After treatment

    Norgen Health provides you with instruction of medical expense payment terms after all the treatments, assists you with hospital discharge and arranges shuttle to airport.

    After home you can enjoy long-term postoperative follow up; Norgen Health provides patients health file management for free.

Hospital introduction

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Beijing Yuho Hospital

Why choose us?
1.The multidisciplinary team consists of a collection of specialists and tumor experts from hospitals in and out of China
2.The first comprehensive tertiary referral hospital constructed according to international standards in Beijing.
3.The management follows international JCI standard.
4.All medical staffs must be trained in USA, Japan, Singapore and so on before being appointed to our team.

Top expert team

Yang Renjie
  • Chief Physician
  • Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Peking University Health Science Center
  • Director of Imaging Interventional Center of Key Discipline of Beijing

minimally invasive therapy (embolization and inactivation) of tumors, minimally invasive treatment of breast cancer, embolization of uterus myoma, percutaneous recanalization of vascular stenosis or blockage, recanalization of non-vascular hollow organ(biliary tract, digestive tract, trachea, ureter and so on) stenosis or blockage

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