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  • Online Consultation

    Professional medical consultants answer your questions about the hospital and Norgen.
  • Medical Record Translation

    Professional medical translators sort out your medical records and translate them into Chinese.
  • Appointment of Experts

    Your medical file will be forwarded to relevant hospitals in China for assessment.
  • Assessment & Treatment Plan

    Experts plan individualized treatments and offer estimated costs according to the assessment.
  • Decision to Go

    Medical translators put the treatment plan info your language and support you all the way in making choice.
  • Visa Assistance

    We offer assistance to your Chinese visa application.
  • Flight Ticket & Hotel Booking

    We can help to book the r ticket and hotels in China as client requests.
  • Bofore Setting Off

    Professional medical tourism consultants provide you the travel instruction in China before your trip.
  • Airport Transport

    After you reach in China, we have airport transport service to send you to the destination.
  • Translation Service

    Professional medical translators will assist you with the communication with medical people throughout your procedure in China.
  • Living Assistance

    We are stand by for the daily problem you may meet during the procedure in China.
  • Assistance of travel service

    If you want to visit the cities in China during the procedures(Under doctor's permission), we will help to contact travel agency.
  • Payment Instruction

    You can make the procedure payment in different ways during your procedure in China, we will assist you all the way.
  • Airport Transport

    After your procedure,we will send you to the airport.
  • Follow-up

    We will follow up your health condition in the year after the procedure and send you related health information.
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