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Technology Introduction

*Disclaimer: The curative effect of all therapies varies from person to person, so not all the patients have the same therapeutic effect.

How stereotaxic surgery works on seizure

Hippocampi and amygdaloid are parts of Papez circuit in limbic system, whose functions are related to emotion, cognition, memory, language expression and smell. However, hippocampal sclerosis easily results in seizure focuses, when amygdaloid and hippocampi amplify the epileptic discharge. To destroy amygdaloid, hippocampi and Forel-H by surgery not only cuts down the excitement of the enhanced structure that inducing seizure, but also weakens (destroys) the conduction pathway of epileptic discharge and regulates the functional derangement of limbic system. 

Remebot robot is the most advanced neurosurgical assisted positioning system in the world. It is widely applied to the surgeries of high accuracy like epileptic surgery. Currently there are only two Remebot robots in China, and one was installed in Beijing Tiantan Puhua International Hospital in Jun. 2015.

Remebot robot stereotaxic positioning assisted system set up the mile stone of stereotaxic technology by integrating surgery plan system, navigation function and robot assisted positioning and operating system (which can provide haptic feedback, the advanced visualization function).

Remebot robot works remarkably in SEEG deep brain electrode implantation in epileptic surgery, it breaks through the limitation of traditional frame-type stereotaxic positioning device and navigation system, and effectively improves the accuracy and safety of epilepsy surgery. 


Effects of Treatment

  1. Small trauma with little effects on tissues around
  2. Positioning accuracy of 1- 2 mm
  3. Accurately destroy the deep and little lesions that can not be found or removed through brain surgery
  4. It can perform deep electrode detection or destroy the seizure focuses directly
  5. High safety
  6. Patient can discharge after postoperative observation for 1 – 3 days
Patient can discharge after postoperative observation for 1 – 3 daysPatient can discharge after postoperative observation for 1 – 3 days

Eligible Candidates

  • Patients whose lesions cannot be detected through MRI
  • Patients of multiple epilepsy focuses that cannot be removed through brain surgery
  • Patients of little, multiple or deep epilepsy lesions that cannot be removed through brain surgery

Service Process

  • Before

    Send medical files to Norgen Health for translation and making appointment with specialists. Norgen staffs help apply for visa, flight ticket and hotel booking, and arrange for the itinerary in China.

  • In treatment

    Come to China by international flight and there will be airport pickup service to send take you to hospital or hotel based on exact condition.

    Accompanied by professor interpreter through preoperative tests and assessment. Norgen Health offers you interpreter service and daily supportive services like laundry, special diets, religion and so on.

    Patient’s family can enjoy local assisted tour services. Based on individual favor, interpreter will accompany you to visit local beautiful sceneries, go shopping and taste local special dishes.

  • After

    Norgen Health provides you with instruction of medical expense payment terms after all the treatments, assists you with hospital discharge and arranges shuttle to airport.

    After home you can enjoy long-term postoperative follow up; Norgen Health provides patients health file management for free.

Hospital Introduction

Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Beijing Puhua International Hospital Special hospital for brain

Beijing Tiantan Puhua International Hospital is a large international brain hospital integrating the departments of neurosurgery, neurology and rehabilitative medicine. Its detection and treatment for seizure, brain tumor, brain injury and other severe or intractable cases have reached the top level worldwide

Seizure Center, Glioma Treatment Center, Spinal Injury Center and so on

Stereotaxic Minimally Invasive surgery for Epilepsy

    Recommended reason
  • The first Sino-foreign joint venture integrating departments of neurology and neurosurgery and rehabilitative medicine
  • A nationwide professional and research institute for brain diseases
  • The most authoritative brain experts of China
  • Robotic surgery with higher accuracy
  • Less invasion maximally reduces the wound, risks and pain
  • Larger operable range
  • 30 minutes of the surgery
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