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Technology Introduction

*Disclaimer: The curative effect of all therapies varies from person to person, so not all the patients have the same therapeutic effect.

Gastric bypass surgery is currently one of the most common metabolic surgeries. In this procedure the stomach is divided into two parts, the newly formed small gastric pouch has a volume of about 30cc. The intestinal bypass not only restricts food intake but also reduces food absorption, in order to achieve a double effect. There is an average loss of 80% of excess body weight one year after surgery. These are great results. In addition, clinical studies have found that gastric bypass surgery has proven very effective for the remission of diabetes.
In 2009 The American Diabetes Association officially included gastric bypass surgery in《The guidelines for the prevention and treatment of diabetes》
In 2014 China included metabolic surgery in《The guidelines for the surgical treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes in China》

In May, 2016 45 global authorities formally included metabolic surgery in《The guidelines for diabetes treatment》


Effects of Treatment

  1. 98% efficacy in type 2 diabetes patients, with a 90% cure rate
  2. Can lose 80%-85% of excess body weight
  3. Minimally invasive surgery with a small wound and fast recovery time, discharge within 5-7 days
  4. Improvement in up to 70% of patients with hyperlipoidemia
  5. Resolution or improvement in up to 78.5% of patients with hypertension
  6. Resolves sleep apnea in up to 85.7% of patients
  7. Resolves gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in almost all patients
  8. Alleviation of Venous thrombosis, such as swelling of the lower limbs
  9. Alleviation of low back pain and joint pain in almost all patients
  10. Significant improvement in quality of life
Significant improvement in quality of lifeSignificant improvement in quality of life

Eligible Candidates

  • 1.Patients with type 2 diabetes who meet the following criteria
  • (1)Diabetic for≤15 years
  • (2)Islet still retain some ability to secrete insulin
  • (3)Fasting serum C peptide≥half the lower limits of normal
  • (4)BMI≥27.5
  • (5)Male waist circumference≥90cm, female waist circumference≥85cm
  • (6)Age between 16~65 yrs
  • 2、Obese patients who meet the following criteria: BMI≥32.5
  • 【BMI=Weight(kg)/Height²(m²)】

Package Details

    Package content
  •  Includes:

    Operation cost

    Nursing cost

    Routine follow-up visits (2 Years)

    Postoperative gastric band adjusting (2 years)

    Routine follow-up visits with a nutritionist (2 years)

    The cost of drugs during the treatment period

    Anesthesia fees

    Preoperative testing fees

     Hospital and medical equipment fees

    Airport shuttle

    Preoperative evaluation, expert registration, postoperative follow-up

Service Process

  • Before

    Send medical files to Norgen Health for translation and making appointment with specialists. Norgen staffs help apply for visa, flight ticket and hotel booking, and arrange for the itinerary in China.

  • In treatment

    Come to China by international flight and there will be airport pickup service to send take you to hospital or hotel based on exact condition.

    Accompanied by professor interpreter through preoperative tests and assessment. Norgen Health offers you interpreter service and daily supportive services like laundry, special diets, religion and so on.

    Patient’s family can enjoy local assisted tour services. Based on individual favor, interpreter will accompany you to visit local beautiful sceneries, go shopping and taste local special dishes.

  • After

    Norgen Health provides you with instruction of medical expense payment terms after all the treatments, assists you with hospital discharge and arranges shuttle to airport.

    After home you can enjoy long-term postoperative follow up; Norgen Health provides patients health file management for free.

Hospital Introduction

Asia-Pacific Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Center

Asia-Pacific Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Center General hospital

Asia-Pacific Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Center is a specialized treatment center for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. Located in Guangzhou, the team is organized by Dr. Wu Liangping, and was one of the leading teams in the development of diabetes surgery throughout China

Weight loss and diabetes surgery

Doctor Introduction

Wu Liangping
Wu Liangping M. M. 
Wu Liangping

Chief physician Specialist in metabolic surgery Standing committee member of the obesity and diabetes surgery committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Surgeons branch Masters tutor at Southern Medical University

Specializes in laparoscopic minimally invasive treatment of a variety of common diseases, with a cumulative total of 4000 cases of laparoscopic surgery. One of the pioneers of obesity and metabolic surgery in China; and third prize winner of the Military science and technology progress and medical achievement award


Follow-up of a diabetes and hypertension patient half a year after surgery
Follow-up of a diabetes and hypertension patient half a year after surgery

Sihol Manulang , Indonesia

A New Life, Losing His Weight of 100kg after Removed 90% Stomach
A New Life, Losing His Weight of 100kg after Removed 90% Stomach

Wen Bishan , China

One GBP Solves My Problems of Obesity and Diabetes
One GBP Solves My Problems of Obesity and Diabetes

Sun Hong , China

Guangzhou Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass for the treatment of diabetes and obesity

    Recommended reason
  • The first hospital in Southern China to carry out laparoscopic surgery for diabetes
  • 0 complications after surgery
  • A surgical efficacy of about 98%, with a 90% cure rate
  • A member of the International Excellence Federation (IEF) for bariatric & metabolic surgery, Chinese branch
  • More than 1000 cases of metabolic surgery completed each year
  • Norgen Health provides a round the clock personal translator so there is no language barrier
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