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Norgen Health attended the BAT Club for road show and received interviewed

Antonia 2017-01-17

By Chen Shuchang from ZERO Media, Nov. 30, 2016


On the 5th Elite Peak Meeting of BAT Club on Nov. 26, 2016, Norgen Health, a cross-boundary medical platform got the third place out from 2000 road shows, became a brilliant figure that attracting the eyes of medical investors and entrepreneurs. The media and investors contacted Norgen Health for the interview of its founder after the meeting. Its founder, Ms. Liu Xiaonan received the exclusive interview of ZERO Media on Dec. 1.

In the flow of time and business

with a cat in her arms

along she enjoys the moonlight on the 30th floor.


With a heart full of kindness, she built up the first medical tourism platform to introduce the quality medical treatments of China to the world.

On her is a kind of exquisiteness and elegance that can present her living attitude. Never relaxes when chasing the ease of life— her autograph describes the mind of every urbanite in the sunset.


Such a special sense may be related to her business. When quited from Boai Group as an assistant of International Affairs Director in 2014, she sorted out her experiences in Boai. After two years of investigation and preparation, she set up Norgen Health, the first platform of cross-boundary medical tourism in China, together with her friend Lin Junxiong.

Throughout her 6 years in Boai, the most she met were the foreign cancer patients. Because of the high medical costs, long waiting time and shortage of medical skills in their countries, many foreign patients can not have proper treatments in time. Even in Boai, she could help nothing to those patients who were seeking for other medical treatments. She was then inspired to build up a cross boundary medical platform to provide foreign patients with China’s medical services, rather than only one medical services.


To help patients get medical services out of their countries is quite common aboard. Many medical institutes set up a platform to provide assistance to the patients who want to have treatment in other countries, as well as the services before and after treatment.

According the transboundary medical data of Migration Offices of Asian countires in 2013, Asian-percific region became a popular destination of medical tourism, when Asia takes up 12% of global patients who travel to other countries for medication. Every year, over 4,990,000 paitents come to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India for treatments. Globally, medical tourism increases 9% each year, and Asia as a new choice for foreign patients, its annual increasing rate is about 20% which is higher than the global increasing rate.

With such a prospect, Liu Xiaonan relized that China is a blue sea market without any related platform. China has its influence increased for its national strategy of One Belt And One Road, the rapid development of internet became also contributes to the medical tourism. What is more, the medical treatment levels of China’s hospital improves, the hospitals meeting the demands of transboundary medication spring up. Against such a background, Liu Xiaonan started to set up a medical tourism platform that can introduce foreign patients to those Chinese hospitals for treatments.

In order to provide patients quality services, Norgen Health integrates online and offline operation in its platform. After patient’s consultation, Norgen Health will get the treatment plan after doctor’s assessment, then the consultants in overseas branch will talk to patients and recommend the proper hospital in China.


With the consent of patients, Norgen Health will provide assistance to visa application and travel schedule, while at the same time communicates with hospital and supports hospital about the standard services management throughout patient’s treatment. After patients discharge from hospital, Norgen Health also offers health intervention and instructions.


Breaking through the ocean of boundary

Is a beam in heat

Rolling in the waves of lives

Is the ocean in eyes


The days balancing life and business are heavy and similar to every entrepreneur. Since Norgen Health has come online, Liu and her team strive for the medical tourism market. However, starting a market just like killing a thousand enemies when losing eight hundred soldiers, neither side gained the war.



To get the qualified medical institutes that can follow international standards to provide foreign patients with the services in China, it takes time for Norgen Health to accumulate its reputation, after all, Rome can not be built over a night.


Even the strong haze can not stop the one of highest authorities. Follow keep to have exercise and have breakfast. The life is too cruel to sleep, with the swelling eyes after crying, get out of bed, put on makeup, raise my head to continue. --- It is her words posted on her Friend’s Circle, which shows her perseverance of entrepreneur.


Norgen Health has cooperated with over 30 medical institutes in China under the leadership of Liu Xiaonan and Lin Junxiong, and has set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on. The first overseas office is in Indonesia, opening to the market of southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

On March, Norgen Health got its clients from its Indonesian office, and related press conference with Indonesian medias also started. By Jun. Norgen Health became the Standing Sponsor of China Medical Tourisim Association, and the consultation of its platform is increasing at a speed of 50% every month.


Norgen Health will promote its projects, cooperate with related institutes, develop markets and seet up its own brand and team to introduce China’s medical treatments to the world and build up a good brand imaging.

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