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Anti-aging stem cell therapy

Antonia 2016-09-13

In resistance of aging, stem cell transplantation is performed through intravenous injection, a treatment method without trauma and risks. The increasing stem cells in human body can help repair the damaged cells to rebuild the functions of organs or tissues, and improve sub-healthy condition so as to resist aging and prolong life. 

The real one to resist aging is not stem cell, but the good quality proteins secreted by stem cells. Those proteins are helpful in keeping skin in a young status, as they can promote the growth of blood vessels and regeneration of cells, inflammation reaction and chemotropism. What is more, the proteins will also migrate and attach to the wounds, and heal the problem tissues positively. 

How stem cell repair cells

Stem cells repair the damaged cells following two principles:

1. Cell replacement. After entering human body, stem cells automatically travel to the problem parts and divide to produce new cells and replace the injured ones.

2.Cytokines. Stem cells can secrete cytokines, a kind of nutrition that can repair the injured parts of human body. Stem cells can also differentiate into other types of cells and tissues that are significant in rebuilding tissues.

How stem cells resist aging?

Human began to grow old when stem cells reduces in body. For example, when the aging speed of facial skin is much faster than the repair speed of stem cells, one grows old. Human body has to keep a dynamic balance in the growth and aging of organs, so stem cells are always standby to divide and grow into different cells to maintain the number of human body. 

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