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How stem cell work on diseases

Antonia 2016-09-13

Stem cell transplantation is the transplantation of healthy stem cells so as to repair or replace the damaged cells or tissues. It is widely used for neural system diseases, immune system disease and other diseases covered by international medicine. Stem cells are named the multipurpose cells for their multipotency and unlimited proliferation potential that can support haemopoiesis, immune regulation and self-duplication. 

Stem cell implantation is applicable to diseases:

1.Neural system diseases: cerebral palsy, spinal injury, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral hemorrhage, sequela of cerebral infarction, sequela of brain trauma and so on.

2.Immune system diseases: diabetes, myasthenia, pathological changes in blood vessel, sclerema, leukemia and so on.

3.Other diseases: liver disease, liver cirrhosis and so on.


1.a safe treatment of low or even free toxicity, no immune rejection.

2.Rich sources of cells, no limit of stem cell collection and culture.

3.Vast range of application.

4.The best carrier of immunotherapy and gene therapy.

4 implantation methods:

1.Injection on local lesion

Injection in the different spots of blood vessels following the gastrocnemius of lower limb. The direct injection of stem cells in local lesions works effectively. 

2.Vascular interventional method

It is a treatment of small trauma, less side effects and complication. A stem cell implantation method safe, specifically focusing on lesion and fast recovery.

3.Intravenous transfusion

It is applied for Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease and aging resistance. 

4.The cavity transfusion is a special treatment technique of stem cell treatment. 



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