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*Disclaimer: The curative effect of all therapies varies from person to person, so not all the patients have the same therapeutic effect.

How stem cells work on multiple system atrophy

Antonia 2016-09-09

Stem cells has a complicated and specific control system which plays protective reaction on stem cells themselves. According to researches, stem cells work mutually with abnormal phosphorylation, nitrification and post-translational modification of glycosylation to regulate α-Synuclein and tau proteins, and prevent proteins from aggregation. For example, chaperone promotes proper protein folding and prevents non-natural protein aggregation. Medical control results in proteins systemized by ubiquitin-proteasome and degraded by phagosome-lysosome system so as to prevent the progress of disease. 

Stem cells can travel to the lesions and repair the damaged nervous tissue, patients then can regain the neural functions. 

Replacement of cells: the implanted cells will replace the damaged and dead cells to support body needs by producing neurotransmitters. For example, the implanted stem cells or precursor cells will differentiate into dopaminergic neurons that can integrate with patient’s cells and rebuild the pathway of nigrostriatum.


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