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Patient Salon held at Guangzhou ASIS Bariatric and Diabetes Surgery Center

Antonia 2016-08-24

NORGEN Health Diabetes

On the morning of August 12th 2016 at Jinshazhou Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine a Patient Salon called “Enjoying the slim life” was held by ASIS Bariatric and Diabetes Surgery Center.

At the meeting Director Dai Xiaojiang first introduced the current situation of obesity and diabetes in China, the latest data showed that there are currently 89.6 million obese patients in China with most of them meeting the criteria for surgery, and 1.2 million diabetes patients. The incidence rates of both diseases are highest in the world and the development of metabolic surgery in China is proving to be not matched for them. Last year, the United States completed a total of 320,000 cases of metabolic surgery, while China had only about 7000 cases. In the guidelines for diabetes treatment metabolic surgery is listed as very good technique, but in China its development is slow. In the past, hospitals would advertise this treatment technique from a doctor’s point of view but it was found that patients were not able to strongly identify with this. Now, through case management, this center has found that patients who have previously undergone surgery identify strongly with this type of surgery; it was for this reason they held this patients’ sharing session. This meeting gives patients the platform to tell their story and the opportunity to come together and talking about their treatment experiences, while at the same time establishing a “Thin Life” alliance.

The “Thin Life” alliance elected the former “Fattest person in Guangxi” Wen Bishan to be Chairman, with Zhu Guihui and Li Minghe as Vice Chairman. These three patients have been treated with metabolic surgery and have all received excellent results. They shared their individual experiences at the meeting.

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Chairman Wen Bishan had been suffering from obesity for some time, with his highest recorded weight being 235kg. He also suffered from a host of other complications including severe fatty liver, blood lipid abnormalities, and osteoarthrosis. In 2012 he heard about the wonders of metabolic surgery and about Director Wu Liangping through the media, but at that time it meant nothing to him. From 2013 he had further development of multiple complications as a result of his weight; apnea being one of them. This led to a lengthy stay of 20 days in the ICU; it was at that point that he made up his mind to have surgery. 

Vice Chairman Zhu Guihui suffered from type 2 diabetes for 15 years, with her highest recorded weight being 90kg. She took daily subcutaneous insulin injections, reaching up to 150 units, but her blood glucose control remained unsatisfactory. Her fasting blood glucose was 12mmol/l and 24.8mmol/l 2 hours after meals, and she experienced complications such as blurred vision and proteinuria. In 2013 she received Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass at ASIS Bariatric and Diabetes Surgery Center and her weight has since reduced to 68kg; her blood glucose is stable and she no longer requires medications. Zhu Guihui is now retired and she is in good physical condition. Her quality of life has improved significantly compared to before her treatment, now she travels as often as she can with family and friends and her life is no longer controlled by drugs and insulin needles.

Vice Chairman Li Minghe is from the north eastern region of China and out of the countless options throughout the country he chose to travel to Guangzhou to seek treatment because of its good reputation. As he stood on the podium it had only been a mere one month since his surgery. Li Minghe’s appetite was exceptionally large; he would eat up to three times the amount of a normal person. Over the span of 10 years his weight increased progressively with his highest recorded weight being 107kg. He tried everything to keep it under control but nothing he did, neither drugs, diet nor exercises, seemed to work. He had known about metabolic surgery for about 3 years and in that time he was observed the postoperative effects it had on patients, but it was only after he witnessed just how healthy Chairman Wen Bishan was 3 years after his surgery that he decided to seek treatment himself. Through a series of tests at the hospital it was revealed that he was not only obese but he was also suffering from type 2 diabetes. After discussions with his attending, Dr. Dai Xiaojiang, they decided on a suitable treatment plan for him. He has since successfully lost 18kg and his blood glucose has returned to within normal range. Li Minghe made the point that all new innovations bring about suspicions, he went on to say that even a procedure such as the appendectomy went through scrutiny at one point in time because people questioned whether or not cutting away a piece of the body would somehow cause harm; but time and efficacy proved everything. Metabolic surgery is a new therapeutic tool, and each year there are thousands of patients around the world who can testify of its effectiveness therefore he sees no reason why the Chinese shouldn’t put their trust in this technology and its development.


In a summary at the meeting President Zhou Song reported that metabolic surgery at ASIS Bariatric and Diabetes Surgery Center currently had an efficacy rate of 95% and a cure rate of 85%. The establishment of this Patient Salon was to promote public awareness of obesity and diabetes, to help promote the research and development of related research, assist patients to receive standard scientific medical treatment, to address society’s misunderstanding and indifference towards those suffering from obesity and diabetes, and to enhance mutual support and encourage among patients.

Norgen Health is the only agency worldwide with the rights to exclusively cooperate with ASIS Bariatric and Diabetes Surgery Center, providing patients with a full set of services while undergoing treatment in China. If you are interested in learning more please call 021-40007777, 082260558888 or go to our website at id.norgenhealth.com. It is also possible to have a consultation at our office located at Jakarta. Norgen Health will provide a full range of advisory services for each of our valued customers.

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