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Norgen Health

China’s first and largest inbound medical tourism agency
  • The first institute providing O2O (Online to Offline) medical tourism services in China
  • It has set up cooperation with 10 more medical and scientific research institutes in China
  • It has the complete one-step customer service system
  • It has the service team of rich experiences in international customer services
  • The health assistant team provides health management services
  • Professional medical translation team offers consultation and translation services in different languages


The most cost-effective country for medical tourism
Low Costs but High Quality Healthcare and Services

China is the world’s second largest economy, but the costs for medical procedures in China is still affordable compared to the West. However, there are a wealth of internationally accredited hospitals in China that indicates the quality of its healthcare and medical services.

World-Class Hospitals & Medical Specialists

n China, there are top Tertiary Referral Hospitals certified by the government, JCI hospitals accredited by prestigious international accreditation body. There are plenty of Western-trained, English-speaking doctors in Chinese top hospitals which makes it easier and more comfortable for overseas patients.

World-Leading Medical Technologies

China is famous for many advanced treatment options that are not always available in other countries, especially for complex cardiac and orthopedic surgeries, as well as oncology treatment. Besides, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments is unique in China which have been practiced for thousands of years.

Strong Government Support on Medical Research

Chinese government provides strong support on its medical research, which builds the foundation for all clinical trials. This is particularly true in stem cell therapy and cancer treatments. Many western scientists collaborate with Chinese colleagues in world-class labs and the research level in China is on par with top research centers in the West.

Rich Experience in Clinical Trials

As the world’s most populated country, China also has the world’s largest surgical operation quantity. As is known to all, practice makes perfect. Chinese physicians and surgeons are much more experienced in clinical trials than other countries.

Vast Amounts of Tourist Options

With its long history, splendid culture, amazing cuisine, famous attractions and international metropolis, China has become a major tourist destination in the world. China has everything a tourist could ask for, which is half of the medical tourism equation.

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